A Family Story

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As my first official blog post, I want to share a personal story about a small chair in my family.

My dad owned an automotive upholstery shop, so I “grew up” in the business.

I’d sit and watch Dad cover truck seats and such. But now and then a special project would come up.

Here’s one.

When my mom was little she was given a child-sized, fully upholstered chair. I can’t say I remember much about it but I do remember Dad wanting to cover just about anything in a new material called Naugahyde.

My first recollection of this chair as a kid was that it was “me”-sized … gold in color and complete with skirts. God bless Dad, but I always thought it was kind of ugly.

Years passed, and my brother and I outgrew the chair.

Mom stored it for a long time. Then she gave it to me. She didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

For another long time, I told myself I’d cover it for my kids, just like my Dad had done for my brother and me.

But life got busy. My priorities never placed the chair too high. I set it in the basement. My kids grew and the chair became home to dust and spiders.

Nevertheless, it was still down there.

Fast forward.

My kids have both brought us amazing little granddaughters. My priorities matured and the chair went up higher on my to-do list. (I was also tired of stepping over it in the basement!)

Two years ago, I finally picked out some fabric. I updated the look, material and design and presented the family with the chair at our Christmas celebration.

It brought tears to Mom’s eyes and smiles to the little ones.

So the basement spiders are looking for a new home. Today, we proudly display the chair in our living room.

The girls love their own “little girl”-sized chair.

photo 2I’m looking forward to sharing more stories like this with you as I move forward “blogging.”

Just think of the stories to be told by an old chair you have.

Thanks for reading!


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