Adding Comfort to a Historic Church

One of the best parts of being in the upholstery business is getting to bring new life to people’s well-used and well-loved furniture.

So it was a distinct pleasure to get to work with the staff at First United Methodist Church in Pierce, Colorado, to add seat cushions to the sanctuary’s historic wooden pews.

These were the first cushions the pews had ever had. Funds for them were provided by a recent bequest in a church member’s will.

The church is 108 years old. The pews are in the original sanctuary, which is still in use for Sunday services and other meetings throughout the week. It was an honor to work in such a venerable space and to be able to add to the comfort of the church members.

The pews were hand-built over a century ago. The job was made more interesting for Dakota (my shop assistant) and me because each pew is curved and was slightly different from the others.

This was a great time to remember the old carpentry saying: “Measure twice. Cut once.”

It was quite satisfying to deliver the job and have each cushion slide right into position.

Janice Brown, a member of First United Methodist who I worked with on the project, was nice enough to send a written testimonial. “The end result was perfect,” she wrote. “Each cushion fit perfectly and they are very comfortable.”

But she did let me know that there had been a complaint about the job.

Though the congregation seemed pleased with the new cushions, one person felt left out. The organist wondered why Dakota and I hadn’t covered the organ bench, too!

Well, that was easy to fix … we took a quick measurement and ran a matching organ-bench cushion out to the church.
We like to make EVERYONE happy.

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