About Leather Furniture

Do You Produce Leather Work?

I get asked all the time about leather. Can I get it?  Is it expensive?

The answer to all 3 questions is, “Well yes!”  But before you stop reading let me explain different things to look for when doing a leather project.

First off there are two reasons to raise cattle, food and their hides. On the higher end, the cattle are raised primarily for their hides. This means, they were protected from fencing or any other ways of scarring them. These hides are very pricey, yet extremely consistent and without flaws.

“Prehistoric and primitive peoples preserved pelts with grease and smoke and used them chiefly for shoes, garments, coverings, tents, and containers. Today pelts are prepared for tanning by dehairing, usually with lime, followed by fleshing and cleaning. After tanning, leather is generally treated with fats to assure pliability.” -The Free Dictionary.

Other hides can have scar holes and the underside is not as coherent.

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Is It Real?

Looking for Authentic Leather

Another thing to look for: is it real? Is it full grain or has it been “skived” (shaved) down.

This is particularly essential when shopping for new furniture. Most advertised leather furniture is leather facing and match up on the sides and back panels. Or the hide has been shaved thru, compromising the strength and integrity of the hide!

So. that’s how you can buy a “leather sofa” at these discount furniture stores for $500.00.

What we do is build you through all this and make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. We have many samples and different grade and pricings to choose from.

So, email, text or call I’d love to help get the old sofa looking better than new again.   – Joe

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